What is Search Incognito?

Search Incognito is a search engine. What makes Search Incognito unique in comparison to other search engines, is user's searches are encrypted. Search Incognito does not track user's searches or search history. We also make use of the newest and best possible security features, including Perfect Secrecy SSL to protect our user's searches and ensure that they remain private.

How is Search Incognito able to ensure my searches remain private?

Search Incognito makes use of some of the latest security measures such as Perfect Forward Secrecy to ensure your search queries remain private. We also don’t do any user specific tracking. On top of all that we utilize an extra layer of query encryption at the client side in order to ensure that your history remains private from other users who may access your computer.

What encryption methods does Search Incognito use?

All requests to Search Incognito are done over SSL. We utilize the latest encryption technologies, including a feature known as Perfect Forward Secrecy which goes a step further than traditional SSL by using a unique public key for each individual session. This means that each user receives a unique public key which improves security considerably. We also encrypt the local queries using a client side encryption utilizing a short lived key which helps to protect browser history.

Does Search Incognito protect my local history?

Search Incognito utilizes a client side encryption using a short lived key to encrypt your queries before sending them to our servers. The key expires shortly after the final use. Any browser history which contains your search queries will contain them in their encrypted form. These will no longer work once the short lived key expires. This expiration occurs 30 minutes after your final search.

How do I uninstall Search Incognito?

The Search Incognito extension can be easily uninstalled in Chrome and Firefox using these instructions. This is the same method you would use to remove any Chrome or Firefox extension.

Does Search Incognito provide any protection from other sites tracking me?

Search Incognito is limited to protecting your searches, and we cannot guarantee that you will not be tracked on other websites. In the future we hope to build some additional extensions and tools which will help further protect you from tracking while you are online. In the mean time you can obtain a further degree of anonymity utilizing a VPN service.

How much does Search Incognito cost?

Search Incognito is free to use and will remain so always!

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